5SOS Preferences


1. How he hugs you

2. Your first kiss 

3. He tweets you while away on tour

4. Your name in his phone

5One of the boys tweet a picture of you

6. His favourite picture of you two

7. His good morning text to you

8. Why the fans like you two together

9. How you meet

10. He loves when you…

11. He helps you study

12. Where he loves to kiss you

13. The song he hears you singing in the shower

14. He tweets you a picture of himself

15. The picture you tweet of him

16. You’re on your period and he comforts you

17. How he greets you after coming home from tour

18. He cheats

19. He gets jealous

20. You go to an amusement park

21. What the other boys think of you

22. He takes you to meet the family

23. You two do a twitcam together

24. You’re Youtube famous and he fangirls when he meets you

25. What he tweets about you getting hate

26. He teaches you how to kiss

27. What he does when you’re sick

28. He loves you, but you have a boyfriend part 1

29. You’re their song writer and he likes you

30. He loves you, but he have a boyfriend part 2

31. You’re their opening act and its your first gig

32. Another guy hits on you and he gets angry

33. Morning after

34. The movie you both cry at while watching together

35. How he wakes you up

36. What he tweets on your first date

37. The boys find scratch marks on his back

38. You’re mentioned in an interview

39. You’re friends with benefits, but he falls for you

40. How you sleep on the tour bus

41. Crying

42. He finds your diary

43. What you do for his birthday

44. First kiss (gif preference)

45. His phone background

46. A fan tweets a picture of you

47. He dedicates a song to you on tour

48. Where he takes you for your birthday

49. Holding hands

50. They find hickeys on you/him

51. His signal he wants you

52. His mom finds condoms

53. An interviewer asks one of the boys about your relationship

54. The thing he compliments the most about you

55. He sees you after the break up

56. You two fight

57. "It’s over."

58. He finds an old picture of you

59. One of the boys slap your butt and he gets jealous

60. He takes care of you when you’re hungover

61. He spots you in the crowd

62. Water fight

63. You turn him on at the most inappropriate time

64. He dies

65. Lame jokes

66. Low self esteem

67. Flying

68. Where he loves to touch you

69. He’s a giant compared to you

70. You’re a photographer

71. Goodbyes before tour

72. Cuddling

73. One of the boys walk in on you

74. He talks about your first date

75. New Years

76. Reaction to you in a bikini

77. He sees your scars

78. He eases you through a nightmare

79. He proposes on stage

80. You get your belly button pierced

81. You’re his date for the Billboard Music Awards

82. The shirt he gives you to wear to bed