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Anonymous asked: If you could write a little paragraph to the boys, what would it say?

i would say thank you so much for all you’ve done for not just me but for every other fan out there. you’ve been such an inspiration for so many and helped them get through really tough times in their lives including me and i am forever grateful that you exist. music has always been the one thing that I go to when I’m either upset or angry or really any emotion to try and help me get through it and your music help me get through a lot of days. I could jut listen to a song and be happy the rest of the day and that’s all I needed. it’s crazy how even by one of you just following me on twitter or tweeting me or even dming me can have such a huge impact on me because you actually noticed me and know I exist. really anything you do makes me smile. also, I am so incredibly proud of how far you boys have come and I will be there till the end, I’m never leaving. I love you guys so much

that’s just some of what I would say but yeah :)

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youre cute

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Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or NO

Anonymous asked: Hey sry to bother but Imma big fan I guess and I wanna know if or when you have a new pref up? Thx! Love ya !

soon! IM so sorry!

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ashhtonssmile asked: Follow me? Plz

i can follow you but it won’t say this account follows you bc this is a side blog so it’ll say my main account followed you which is zaynsjoystick

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I read below you had a kik! I have one too I just wanted to know what it was because I have imagine or preference I am not sure what mine is that I would love you share with you! Sorry for bad English.

yeah it’s stephaniecorinne :) and your English is totally fine :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey! Where i can see all He doesn’t want the baby Pt. 2?

i’d have to get the links but im on my phone rn sorry!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have kik? You should get one if you don't have one because it's almost the perfect way to interect with your preference fans💕

ive never thought of that! but yes I do actually if anyone wants me to do a kik thing where you can message me just let me know and I’ll give it to you guys!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a materlist of all your preferences?

I just posted it :)

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Anonymous asked: do you have a master list? :$

5sos-preferences.tumblr.com/prefferences :)

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